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Alone in the Park Alone in the Park

Rated 3 / 5 stars

FFS, man your Newgrounds link is invisible while actually shooting, but if you click where it is it takes you to the front page anyway. Good GOD that is annoying.

Also, you should make it so that you can shoot all around you instead of just in 4 directions. Or at the least, have some degree of auto aim. It gets very frustrating trying to shoot things and only juuuuust missing by a pixel.

Other than that, some varying music would be nice, as well as some different sounds for the different types of mushrooms. Not horrible overall, but could be polished a ton more.

Terra God Terra God

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Holy crap, does anyone have a walkthrough for this? I've been trying for 2 days to beat level 4, and it just doesn't seem possible. I'm all for difficulty in games, but the severe amount of complaints about it really is telling. As another guy said, there seems to be only one way to win each level, and so fa I have not found one for 4.

Card Monsters Card Monsters

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great game overall, but I really really REALLY dislike the pay-to-win system.

I can live with the best booster pack being tokens only. I can't live with the day counter that forces you to either play in chunks or pay to play more. I can live with winning legitimate crystals from the game. I can't live being forced to buy anything better than the two basic ones. Seriously, this game would be so much better without forcing the pay-to-play system down our throats, and that bullshit light mechanic is what drives most people away from playing otherwise decent games like this.

"Oh hey, this is a really nice game! Good flow, nice art, no real bugs to speak of. I could play this for a wh-*YOU MUST PAY OR WAIT!!* ...Yeah.. time to go try a different game."

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Madness: Will It Slice? Madness: Will It Slice?

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This game needs some serious improvements. I really dislike how the lasers lose all effectiveness after the initial impact. This is because in small rooms full of body parts, you're pretty much guaranteed to miss every shot due to always hitting the parts and never the enemies.

Speaking of the enemies, why are they faster than me, and why can they take their head being cut off and still come at me as if it's nothing? Why do I constantly only seem to shoot their hands off, only to have them keep swinging with their other hand like it's nothing?

As it is right now, it's pretty unplayable at the later levels due to those problems. I really hope the next version is better.

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Reign of Centipede Reign of Centipede

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

While everything is there on a technical level, the challenge and rewards are just not balanced properly. Maybe it was because I chose to play on the first map, but my recipe for success was to build a small shack, then farm for a medium shack on the other side of the map. Once I had that, I farmed for a largest shack on the lower island. Once that was done, I farmed for a minigun(because the bazooka didn't appeal to me)

Once I had those 3 shacks and the minigun, I ran around and killed as I pleased until i got bored and jumped off the level till I died. I built a hospital for the heck of it, but never used it. I didn't even need the other buildings.

I think that you should give the soldiers the ability to move from island to island and through the pipes. I understand that the idea is that they're supposed to be stationed on each island, but honestly, there's no real reason to. You should also give the player the ability to demolish or change the buildings to a new type so that you don't have to rely on mobs destroying them. Finally, I'll suggest having a limit to how many soldiers you can have of each type, not a total limit. This way, you can have an equal number of all types of soldiers and you won't have to worry about hitting that 40 soldier limit on one of the islands, leaving the others barren.

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Uddercover Uddercover

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I encountered a bug where, on the farm level where you're introduced to climbing ladders, I was unable to finish the level. I would climb to the top of the ladder, then move to the sides, only to fall back down to the lower level and be spotted by the guard. It's as is the upper level did not exist.

Reclamation Reclamation

Rated 1 / 5 stars

This is a horrible game as it stands now

I get that some people like a "challenge", but this is ridiculous! There's way too many constraints against the player with the current system in place. All of the bugs are able to kill you if they get near you, instead of just when you leave the bordering line. You are not given enough lives. The 15 thousand point goal for a new life is absurd. The fact that you lose invulnerability if you go so much as one pixel off the line is stupid, especially when it's so easy to go off of the line while trying to move.

How am I supposed to go about planning my strategy for the level when I can't even leave the portion of line I'm on, lest i go off of the line and lose invulnerability? Why are the bonses so horrible? How the hell do you beat the level "infestation redux"?? I've wasted at least 20 lives trying to do it and I can barely get half of the area covered.

At the very least, you should either make it harder to accidentally leave the line, or make the invulnerability at the start a timed thing. You should also either make the items either more powerful or upgradable. You should ALSO lower the cap to get a new life by at least half. Not that it matters anyway, because I'll just waste them all trying to survive the next level and have to start it again anyway. Oh wait, a centipede just swooped in and killed me, yet again. Amazing. >.>

Greater Fighter Greater Fighter

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

How the hell do you win this game?

I understand that some people like a challenge, but this is ridiculous! There's practically no tutorial on what to do other than "these icons do this! Go fight!" and despite my best attempts at mashing buttons until it works, I can't seem to figure out what fusion is, how it's initiated, or why I should do it. Honestly, it probably wouldn't have helped at all anyway.

I played the first level 5 times before I gave up in frustration. Despite my best efforts, I can't deal enough damage to any enemy over level 1 to win a fight. Is it supposed to take a concerted and coordinated attack by all three fighters simultaneously in order to bring down anything in this game? Because I tried that and I still failed miserably.

For god's sake, put up a damn walkthrough, make a decent tutorial, and tone down the difficulty! I want to like this game, I really do, but as it is now it's completely unplayable.

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Saucer Strike Saucer Strike

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

needs instructions and a less sensitive mouse

Overall, the game was pretty decent, but I have two major complaints. The first is, obviously, the mouse sensitivity. I would make the horizontal mouse threshold at least twice as big to allow room for error on the harder levels. During the last two levels, my computer was lagging and I kept zig zagging all over the screen, which made it almost impossible to aim accurately. Having a lower sensitivity would allow for smoother movements, which in the beginning of each level, where energy is crucial, is a must.

My other complaint is that there's no instructions to the game. Sure, it's simple, but I feel as though I'm being left out of the loop on what weapons do what, or what each enemy is. I had to start off each level that had a new structure by shooting it to see what, if anything popped out, usually to my dismay. To that end, I'm writing a basic strategy guide here.

The first thing you want to do in each level is fly from one end to the other. Take note of what enemies are where and plan accordingly. If there's an energy shield up, note what's underneath it and move on. Find a spot, usually on one side of the map, and begin taking down a basic building. If an enemy approaches, try to destroy the building, then fly over it and go to the other end of the map and repeat. Keep doing this until you've unlocked the laser.

Once you have that, begin fighting enemies. For missles and helicopters, fly over them and hit them with the beam. For turrets and tanks, try to avoid their line of fire, and engage them by themselves. a couple turrets next to each other is a headache, especially if they have a repair drone building near them.

Speaking of drones, make them your number one priority at all times. Anything they repair, even a tiny bit, will come back online to bother you. This can be a good thing though, as you can destroy that thing again and gain more energy from it. Work from the one side of the map to the other, targeting drone buildings first, airborne enemies and the buildings that spawn them second, turrets and tanks and their spawns third, shield generators and regular buildings forth. It all comes down to prioritizing enemies and working around them while you build up energy and unlock weapons.

On to weapons. The basic shot that you start with is crap, but it will take out a building and sometimes a repair droid or two. If you get hit, fly away from enemies and up into the air, select the cross and left click to use your energy to heal yourself. use these until you get the laser. Once you get the laser, you're pretty much set. Use it in pulses to destroy droid buildings, helicopters, and missiles until you get around 2400-2600 energy, at which point the laser will stabilize and you can fire it continuously without running out of energy. Go along the map, taking out droid buildings first, then enemies, then everything else. As you go, you'll unlock the charge shot which, at higher energy levels, is good for taking out heavily fortified buildings, like tank, helicopter, and missle spawn, in one or two shots. Unfortunately, it uses all your energy, so don't rely on it. Once you get the strategy down, keep going with it until you finish the game.

Things to remember: Missiles HURT! they do a whopping 25% damage every hit. prioritize them over helicopters unless there's a whole flock of them after you. To get rid of missiles, use the laser and fly directly above it. It will stupidly aim itself right into the beam. Copters can be taken out much the same way, but with more side to side movement, as they like to be on each side of you. With turrets, you just have to bite the bullet and park yourself right over them and kill them with the laser. Same thing with tanks, but you can kind of lead them a bit to avoid some of the damage. Also, as soon as you get a shield down, go straight for any droid buildings underneath it, then enemy spawns. As you chip away at the droid infrastructure, keep an eye out for rogue droids running off to repair stuff. With this strategy, the game took me about a half an hour.

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Deep Deep

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Could've been much better

I give this game a few points for how addictive it is, but there's three things that really put me off of it.

The first being that if I start back at level 1, I do not earn any more points until I finish the the highest level I have yet to complete, This is bad because of the 2nd thing, which is that when I played this game last night, I upgraded my cannon by 2 levels, yet when i came back to it tonight, I had the basic level one cannon, no armor, and all the health and bullet upgrades I had purchased. This has to be some sort of bug, which leads me to the third thing, which is that there's no way to clear your data and start over. What if I find out I've wasted my points on an upgrade that I don't want just yet? Or what if I want to start over with a different build? Unless there's a way to clear your data and start again, this game is currently unplayable.

Other than those three things, the rest was pretty nice. Smooth gameplay and nice music are a plus, as well as the concept. Just iron out those bugs so i can get my bubble thing back to the way I want it.